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We do what we do because we love it

Consol Logistics is a premium provider of intelligent end-to-end supply chain logistics to several industry verticals. With a network of 121 offices and 2,600 employees worldwide we can ensure timely and efficient movement of our client’s shipments through their intercontinental supply chain. We create and maintain supply chains with swift African distribution capabilities which provides our clients with a competitive advantage over their competitors. Whether our clients need to keep their production line on schedule or a trading based organisation supplying the African market, Consol Logistics can be your lead logistics and supply chain provider or offer stand alone clearing and forwarding services.

Our clients never stand still and neither do we. Our digital supply chain strategy is focused on increasing supply chain visibility and measurability to facilitate organisational decision making. Our digital strategy is underpinned by building collaborative partnerships with our clients and their suppliers. Maintaining and increasing our customer satisfaction is as much a priority as our focus on sustainable business management and internal employee advancement. In addition to long-term investments in company development, we continually improve our processes and service with the latest innovations.


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